Here you can learn how your API request are billed.

Every time you query our product API, your balance (the amount of available requests) is decreased by one request. Only successful (200 OK) requests are registered. If a request resulted in an error response (for example, 4xx), then it's not billed. Note that every successful request is billed, even if you make several requests for the same product.

When you register a new account, you start with a package of {0} requests for free. Your current balance is displayed in the account area.

If at some point your balance reaches 0, all subsequent requests will result in 403 error (see Product API — response codes and objects for more details).
You can top up your balance by purchasing one of the packages here.

Important note: after making a successful API call the amount of available requests is not decreased right away, the change is made asynchronously for performance reasons. This means that you won't see a change in your balance immediately, but in a couple of seconds.
As a result if you make lots of requests in a short period of time, some of them may succeed even if your actual balance has already reached 0. These requests come for free — your balance can never become negative.